There is Fact Sheet available from DoH which is the basis for some of the information provided here.

Do I have to register with the PHN to get my PIP QI payment?

Yes, registration is required by 15 October to receive the 31 October payment.
Registration is made via your PRODA account.

See section 6 or 7 of the fact sheet

Do I have to allow the PHN to extract data using their data extraction tools?

No you do not have to use the PHN provided extraction tools:

  • you may extract data your own software compatible with your PHN; or
  • you may apply for a Time Limited Exemption from the DoH and work with your PHN and their clinical information system provider to submit the PIP Eligible Data Set (PIPEDS) in accordance with the PIPEDS Governance Framework.

The DoH has published a form (1 October 2019) to apply for a Time Limited Exemption.  

The DoH Time Limited Exemption application form can be found here.

Please note that this form must also be completed by your PHN.

The address and contact details for your PHN can be found here.

What should I do if I have already signed an agreement with my PHN to allow them to attach their extraction tools to my clinical management software?

You could write to your PHN explaining that you no longer wish to use this option to supply data and that you will be applying for a Time Limited Extension with DoH and working with them to provide the PIPEDS in manner that is compatible with the PIPEDS Governance Framework and which maintains patient confidentiality.

A possible format for this letter can be found here .

The address and contact details for your PHN can be found here.

Are patients allowed to opt out from having their data provided?

Patients have the right to opt out. The system you use to send data must allow for patients opting out. 
You should display signage in your Practice advising patients that they are entitled to opt out.  

What is my liability for the privacy of the data?  

You are responsible under the Privacy Act for the security of the data that you hold and for any breaches of that security which leads to data being disclosed. Your liability under the current approach being taken using third party extraction tools is unclear.

A precautionary approach, would not allow the attachment of third party data extraction tools. To do this, and still receive the PIPQI payment you would need to register for the PIP QI in PRODA and request a time limited extension to allow you to receive the PIPQI payment while you and your CIS provider develop the capacity to export the PIPEDS in a format that is acceptable by your PHN.

What representations has AGPA made to date?

The introduction of this Quality Incentive has been fraught and on the “go-live date” there was precious little vital information available.
Eight eminent GPs and Members / Associates of AGPA intervened with a letter seeking urgent clarification and action. The Department opined in the “Medical Republic” that these concerns were not legitimate.

The Minister for Health instructed his Department to call an urgent meeting of the PIP Advisory Group (PIPAG). 
At the meeting of the PIPAG and the actions from that meeting the vast majority of concerns were accepted for action to ensue.
Subsequent to that meeting, the PIPAG opposed AGPA be invited onto that group.

DoH has set up a Clinical Data Governance group – as argued for by AGPA – of course excluding AGPA from it.
AGPA wrote to the DoH requesting a meeting. Despite that and a follow up phone call no meeting has been set up.

My PHN says “there is no issue, this is business as usual with the PHN continuing to provide a data extraction tool as the “Medicare Locals” did previously.

The settings have changed as the expectations have changed and the data is now a requirement for a Government program.  The compliance and the use data are now visible. The work by AGPA has shown that many Practices have not had a Principal or Authorised person sign off the relevant contracts.  Further the contracts are ominous and onerous, and they are not uniform across the country.

What does AGPA want?

AGPA is advocating for a fair and reasonable system that his clear uniform and brings benefits to patients, doctors and practices in the system. We do not believe the way the system is currently structured is correct.

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