AGPA Webinar: Innovative Income Streams for GP



Tuesday 12 October 2021, 8:00pm AEDT

7:00 pm Queensland, 7:30 pm SA, 5:00 pm WA

AGPA Webinar
Innovative Income Streams for GP

Dr Maria Boulton, Dr Bernard Shiu, Dr Jared Dart

General Practices are usually small businesses which need to be sustainable if they are going to continue to provide the foundation for primary health care in Australia.
General Practice incomes have been under pressure for many years with MBS payments frozen under successive governments and are now significantly lower than they would otherwise have been. This has impacted both bulk billing and mixed billing practices. At the same time other “traditional” sources of alternate income such as rental space for pathology collection centres also been under pressure.
The pandemic has forced Practices to find new ways to operate including the move to telehealth and the subsequent pressure to move this into video consultation.  These changes have brought increased costs without necessarily improving revenue.

This webinar will discuss options and ideas for extending income sources for General Practice. The speakers are all Practice Principals whose businesses are under the same pressures as other General Practices in Australia. They have developed new and innovative sources of income while maintaining the high quality of Primary Care that Australians expect.

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Places will be limited, preference will be given to AGPA members.

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Meet the Candidates – AGPA Webinar – 6 August

Meet the Candidates

Thursday 6 August, 8:30pm AEST via Zoom

Primary health care in Australia is led by Practice Principals who work in the Practices they own, providing clinical leadership and facilities to deliver a high quality, community based, primary healthcare system.
The RACGP council elections will take place in August 2020. The majority of RACGP members are not Practice owners.
The College has significant influence on government policy regarding General Practice and therefore its policies impact on General Practice Principals as the owners of the practices.
The candidates for President of the RACGP have agreed to address an AGPA forum so that Practice Principals can hear their views on matters which impact on GP Principals.
The forum will ask each candidate to answer three set questions relevant to GP Principals, followed by a short general policy position.

The candidates:
Dr Charlotte Hespe
Dr Chris Irwin
Dr Karen Price
Dr Ayman Shenouda
Dr Magdalena Simonis