AGPA Webinar: Zero to 140K Visits in 10 years

AGPA Webinar

Thursday 13 June 2024, 7:30pm AEST

7:00 pm SA, 5:30 pm WA


Zero to 140K Visits in 10 Years

Speaker: Dr John Deery – YourGPCanberra

Since opening their first clinic just over 10 years ago John and Mel Deery have trialed and applied a number business management approaches to their Canberra Practice.
They now have over 40 GPs working over three sites and are the largest Principal -led Practice in Canberra recording over 120,000 patient visits per year.

John will discuss what he sees as being the key aspects that have enabled them to develop the Practice, the Practice management philosophy, the approach they use to make their Practice attractive to tenant GPs, analytical tools they have adopted to allow them to effectively track progress and what they see as being the major opportunities and challenges that Principal-led Practices will face in the future.

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This event will be free to AGPA members.
AGPA non Members $50