ACL Acquisition of Healius – ACCC Inquiry


The Australian pathology industry is dominated by four large companies.  When measured using the number of Approved Collection Centres (ACCs) as a measure of market share three companies dominate the industry: Healius, Sonic and ACL have approximately 80% of the ACCs.

When the smaller share held by 4Cyte is added, the proportion of the market held by these four companies rises to over 90%.

On 23 March 2023  Australian Clinical Labs Ltd (ACL) made an off-market takeover offer for Healius Ltd offering 0.74 ACL shares for every Healius share. The offer period expires 29 September 2023.

For those General Practices with ACCs the maintenance of a competitive market for lease space in Practices is critical. Without a competitive market rents could be expected to decline over time, and the use of tenders processes or other arms-length negotiations to establish a market rent would become very difficult.

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Pathology Rents – New Round of RFIs

The AGPA has received an update from the pathology rents section of the DoH.

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