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AGPA Lobbying Campaign

Most of us think we can have very little influence on Government policy.

Individually that may be the case but the collective action of influential people in the community can play a significant role.

As GP Principals you have a unique and respected role in the community, and via your practices you have the ability to reach a significant proportion of most electorates. By establishing and maintaining relationships with our federal MPs and candidates we have the ability to convey important messages into the political system.

North Queensland Pharmacy Trial

North Queensland Pharmacy Trial

By an AGPA writer

Some medical trials are so immediately successful that it becomes unethical to continue them. It would be unethical to deny the placebo-takers an obviously efficacious treatment.

Other medical trials are so immediately harmful with dangerous side effects that it also becomes unethical to continue them.

And yet other medical trials are so obviously misconceived that they should never even begin. In this category can be placed the Queensland Government’s proposed trial in the state’s north to give pharmacists the power and wherewithal to both diagnose 23 illnesses and to prescribe treatments (about […]

Molnupiravir listed on PBS

Commencing 1 March 2022 Lagevrio® (molnupiravir) has been listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) Section 85 program as an Authority Required (Streamlined) benefit for patients with mild-moderate COVID 19 who have a high risk for developing severe disease, reducing the need for admission to hospital.

COVID-19 Vaccine Exemptions – 18 February Update

COVID-19 vaccines have been demonstrated to be safe and effective and are recommended for all people aged 5 years and over.

There are very few situations where a COVID-19 vaccine may not be safe to use.

Medical exemptions can only be granted if there are no suitable alternative COVID-19 vaccines available.

For this reason, permanent medical exemptions to COVID-19 vaccination will be rarely required.

The Updated factsheet which outlines the circumstances in which your doctor can grant a medical exemption for receiving a COVID-19 vaccine is here.

PCIG Update – 2 March 2022

Department of Health – Primary Health Care COVID-19 Response Teleconference 2 March 2022 – Meeting notes from Dr Maria Boulton

The Primary Care Implementation Group (PCIG) is an online meeting that includes most primary healthcare peak bodies. It is convened weekly by the Department of Health as part of the COVID-19 response. Dr Maria Boulton attends on behalf of the AGPA.

GP COVID Vaccinations Exceed 20M

The latest vaccination data shows the  its importance of General Practice to  Australian Heathcare  having delivered  over 20M or approximately 50% of the 40M vaccination doses administered to date.