Work permissions and restrictions framework for workers in health care settings


On 8 October 2021 the DoH  released a framework for work permissions and restrictions framework for workers who have been exposed to COVID-19 in a healthcare setting.

This framework supports safe decision making when determining whether to place work permissions/restrictions, independent of quarantine, on a worker after a COVID-19 exposure in a health care setting in the context of an outbreak and community transmission of COVID-19.

The Framework is here


PCIG Notes 20 October

Department of Health – Primary Health Care COVID-19 Response Teleconference 20 October  2021 – Meeting notes from Dr Maria Boulton

The Primary Care Implementation Group (PCIG) is an online meeting that includes most primary healthcare peak bodies. It is convened weekly by the Department of Health as part of the COVID-19 response. Dr Maria Boulton attends on behalf of the AGPA. Continue reading “PCIG Notes 20 October”

COVID Update Briefs – 18 September

These are some  updates to the vaccination program that we have found over the  weeks.  If you need more information please contact the AGPA Secretariat.

Eligibility Checker and Vaccine Clinic Finder updates:  the Eligibility checker is to become a single page on the front of the Vaccine Clinic Finder.  In future this will be referred to as the ‘Vaccine Clinic Finder’. This release is planned for Sunday 19 September 2021. Included in this release:

  •  12-18 year-olds will be presented with the option of Moderna or Pfizer and shown all clinics administering whichever vaccine they choose
  •  Patients under 12  will be advised that COVID-19 vaccines are not currently approved for those under 12 years.
  •  Non Medicare eligible patients will be directed to Commonwealth, State and Territory Clinics and Pharmacies.
  • Community pharmacies in tranche 1 for Moderna will start to appear in the Vaccine Clinic Finder from Monday 20 September.

ATAGI  Update 15 September:  An update from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) following their weekly meeting on 15 September 2021  is available here.

Pfizer eligibility (14 September) :

Vaccination providers can administer Pfizer to all individuals aged 12 to 59.

Vaccination providers can also administer Pfizer to people aged 60 and over with:
• past history of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST)
• past history of Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT)
• past history of idiopathic splanchnic (mesenteric, portal, splenic) vein thrombosis

PCIG Response: Use of Medical Students in COVID Vaccine Delivery

Over the last few weeks Dr Maria Boulton has asked a number of questions at the PCIG and directly to the task force. Some of these have now been answered.

A question and response are below:

How can a general practice employ health students to participate in COVID vaccine delivery when it’s not part of their formal clinical placement in similar ways that the jurisdictions are doing it?


We broadly support the engagement of students in primary care settings to assist with the COVID-19 response. There are a number of regulatory and employment arrangements, addition to whether such work should count towards professional experience placement (PEP) hours, that we encourage you to explore to enable such opportunities.

We further encourage you to liaise with all relevant jurisdictions on such a proposal, especially those that have not recognised students in their poisons legislation.