Most of us think we can have very little influence on Government policy.

Individually that may be the case but the collective action of influential people in the community can play a significant role.

As GP Principals you have a unique and respected role in the community, and via your practices you have the ability to reach a significant proportion of most electorates. By establishing and maintaining relationships with our federal MPs and candidates we have the ability to convey important messages into the political system.

The most effective lobbying is not conducted by professional lobbyists walking the “corridors of power” or mass petitions. It comes from people with a cogent argument regarding a matter of significant concern for their community, and a good knowledge of the subject matter,discussing this with their MP. media.

The AGPA directors have been very active over the past two years discussing issues of urgent concern with the bureaucracy and in the media. This has been effective on many fronts but there are some matters which can’t be addressed in this manner.

If we want to influence Government policy regarding the primary healthcare system and matters impacting on General Practice we need as many members as possible to start to talk with MPs.

The Board has produced an election statement based on representations we have made to the heath minister and the shadow minister , a letter template for you to send to your MP,  some guidance about making contact and a poster for use in your Practice.

Write to your MP and request a meeting, put the poster up and post a selfie to Facebook, discuss the issues with interested patients. Anything you do will help.

The policy paper is here

The resources for the poster and the letter templates are here