PCIG Notes 25 August 2021

Department of Health – Primary Health Care COVID-19 Response Teleconference 25 August  2021 – Meeting notes from Dr Maria Boulton

The Primary Care Implementation Group (PCIG) is an online meeting that includes most primary healthcare peak bodies. It is convened weekly by the Department of Health as part of the COVID-19 response. Dr Maria Boulton attends on behalf of the AGPA.

Comments from AGPA

The vaccine indemnityscheme is still not finalised –  It is  important to finalise indemnity scheme details.

There have been reports of patients aggressively asking for COVID vaccine exemption certificates.

Comments from the Taskforce

Outbreaks/lockdowns continue in NSW, VIC and ACT

No specific date on when pharmacists will receive Moderna –  probably some time in September.

GP clinics are able to follow State health department vaccine eligibility rules, can transfer doses between practices in some circumstances

Indemnity scheme– possibly to be introduced in the final quarter of 2021. Still waiting on details to be finalised

Details on boosters – No details yet, there are provisions for booster doses in forward ordering for next year

Pfizer rollout dates available for other GP clinics in the National Immunisation Program.        

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