2021 AGM

The 2021 AGM of the Australian GP Alliance was held on 18 November.

In his report AGPA Chair,  Dr John Deery outlined the work that the AGPA had done over the past year lobbying for PPE and consumables for the COVID vaccination program,  proposing changes to the program to allow for pragmatic delivery of the program, lobbying for Pfizer delivery via GP  and other submissions and public advocacy for GP by the Directors.

Dr Deery thanked the Directors for their work during the year, and in particular Dr Trish Baker who was standing down as a Director after four years on the Board.

A full copy of the Chair’s report is here

Following the constitutional change approved at the Special General Meeting immediately  prior to the  AGM the incoming Directors were appointed for a term of up to three years.

The Directors were appointed at the AGM were:

Dr John Deery, Chair (ACT)

Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, Deputy Chair (Vic)

Dr Kevin Arlett (Qld)

Dr Maria Boulton (Qld)

Dr Jared Dart (Qld)

Dr Brenda Murrison (WA)

Dr Bernard Shiu (Vic)

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