Payroll Tax Update

The payroll tax campaign continues with a joint campaign with  AGPA, RACGP and PCBC  very active in Victoria.

The AGPA leads are Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, AGPA Deputy Chair and Dr Sarah Lewis, AGPA Board Member.

RACGP survey data is now confirming the predictions of the impact of payroll tax with only 3% of Practices considering that they would be able to absorb the tax and 78% of Practices  (95% of Victorian Practices) indicating they would need to raise fees.  The implications of this for the provision of primary healthcare

Since November the joint campaign has

  • submitted revised scenarios for the Victorian SRO seeking a ruling on the scenarios for the applicability of 100% flow of funds to the Independent Practitioner.   These are based on the concepts used in the the Queensland public ruling. A further meeting with the SRO is scheduled.
  • had a public petition read in the Victorian legislative Council.
  • written again to the Premier Jacinta Allen, and
  • made a joint media release as part of a media campaign.

The AGPA Practice Poster – Don’t Tax Health is here.

Printable version is here