Australian PPE Suppliers

We are aware that many practices have had to source PPE during the COVID-19 Pandemic and that there is an ongoing shortage of supply.

We have had a number of organisations offer to supply PPE during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We have listed some of them here and whether they claim to manufacture in Australia.

This list is published for to assist members to source PPE . The Australian GP Alliance cannot vouch for any of these organisations – either for the quality of their products to perform or for the reliability of supply. Practices must make their own assessments of quality and reliability.

Supplier & ContactProduct OriginMasksFace/Eye Protection GownsGloves
Ford Millinery
Australia PET Face Shields  
Official Uniforms
AustraliaL2  Scrubs Gowns 
BMS Advisory
ChinaL2 PET Face Shields  
Key Signatures
Key SignaturesChinaKN95
 DisposableLatex & Nitrile

Meet the Candidates

On 6 August the Australian GP Alliance conducted a webinar to allow the candidates for the Presidency of the RACGP to address issues of interest to Practice Principals.

The candidates:
Dr John Buckley
Dr Charlotte Hespe
Dr Chris Irwin
Dr Karen Price
Dr Ayman Shenouda
Dr Magdalena Simonis

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