General Practice Loses a Leader

“It is with great sadness that we note the death of Dr Harry Nespolon”, Dr John Deery, Chair Australian GP Alliance, said today.

The Australian GP Alliance Board, on behalf of all members extends its deepest condolences to his partner and children, friends and colleagues.

“Harry lead the RACGP and represented the interests of General Practice with energy and commitment, and was particularly inspirational during the last six months where, despite a terminal diagnosis, he provided leadership for both the nation and the profession at a time of crisis”.

“General practice is the cornerstone of primary health care in Australia, and Dr Harry Nespolon understood the critical importance for General Practice to be both vibrant and viable to deliver the high quality of primary healthcare that Australians expect”, Dr Deery said.

“He worked hard to maintain funding at a critical time and to try to make sure that the small businesses that are GP Practices are viable business entities. Harry was well aware that unless these small business are viable the platform to deliver high quality primary healthcare will not exist, and the health of Australians will suffer accordingly.

“He also stood against attempts to reduce the quality of primary healthcare by opposing the use of paramedical personnel to diagnose and prescribe, despite determined lobbying from industry organisations representing the paramedical interests”, Dr Deery said.

General Practice has lost a committed leader, and while the profession will continue to deliver the healthcare that Australians need, for this moment we pause in reflection of a life well lived in support of Australia and the profession of General Practice.  

Meet the Candidates – AGPA Webinar – 6 August

Meet the Candidates

Thursday 6 August, 8:30pm AEST via Zoom

Primary health care in Australia is led by Practice Principals who work in the Practices they own, providing clinical leadership and facilities to deliver a high quality, community based, primary healthcare system.
The RACGP council elections will take place in August 2020. The majority of RACGP members are not Practice owners.
The College has significant influence on government policy regarding General Practice and therefore its policies impact on General Practice Principals as the owners of the practices.
The candidates for President of the RACGP have agreed to address an AGPA forum so that Practice Principals can hear their views on matters which impact on GP Principals.
The forum will ask each candidate to answer three set questions relevant to GP Principals, followed by a short general policy position.

The candidates:
Dr Charlotte Hespe
Dr Chris Irwin
Dr Karen Price
Dr Ayman Shenouda
Dr Magdalena Simonis