PIP QI FAQ Update 1 October 2019

As of 1 October 2015 there is a form available to apply for a Time Limited Exemption for compliance with the PIP QI. There is an updated fact sheet PIP QI Incentive Guidance here. The PIP QI exemption fact sheet is available here.

We are advised that if you have previously written to the Department requesting an exemption they will advise you of the existence of this form.
Your previous letter does not substitute for the DoH form

Key points:
To be eligible for the 31 October PIP QI payment, you must complete and submit the DoH form by 15 October. A copy of the form in pdf is here, and in word here.

Your PHN must also complete their section of the form.

You have 10 working days from 1 October to go through a two stage process. At this time there are no exceptions to the requirement for the PHN to also complete their section of the form prior to submission.