PCIG Update from Meeting of 28 April

Department of Health – Primary Health Care COVID-19 Response Teleconference 28/4/2021 – Meeting notes from Dr Maria Boulton

The Primary Care Implementation Group (PCIG) is an online meeting that includes most primary healthcare peak bodies. It is convened weekly by the Department of Health as part of the COVID-19 response. Dr Maria Boulton attends on behalf of the AGPA.
Dr Nathan Pinskier, and AGPA member also attends

Notes from the Meeting

Update on recalibration of the COVAX program: re-over 50s joining the program in May – all over 50s will be eligible

More information on Telehealth rebates: Dept is working on updating MBS item number fact sheets, changes from July 1, maintenance of current items for video, changes for phone items. We will need to watch this space.

Concerns re-vaccine hesitancy, any more resources available: ATAGI and the DOH working on making resources more consumer friendly. Is the DOH using SOME to battle vaccine hesitancy? There are some SOME tiles available. The DOH accepts the feedback that they need to battle against vaccine hesitancy.

Moderna rollout for GPs: Australian Govt is in talks with vaccine manufacturers, confidential, no plans to roll out Moderna at the moment-not registered in Australia

Comments from AGPA

Feedback that most patients prefer telephone to video, some don’t have the internet speed or the hardware to access video.

Vulnerable patients need to be considered when planning the future of Telehealth.

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