AGPA Directors Active in Media

The last two months have been a busy time for the AGPA directors with media commentary regarding the COVAX rollout covering issues from  assistance with consumables and vaccine supply (or lack thereof) to medical indemnity associated with the provision of Astra Zeneca vaccine to patients under 50.

We estimate that the Directors have done over 50 interviews with media since mid-February with interviews with all TV channels including ABC, SBS, Channels 7, 9  10 and Sky news discussing issues of importance to General Practice. Maria Boulton has done over 20 interviews and Mukesh Haikerwal has done so many that he is now part of the stock footage for ABC and SBS!

Our aim has been to present the issues facing General Practice and the hard work that is being done to deliver the COVAX program while continuing to deliver the normal workload of  General Practice and maintain the high quality primary healthcare system the Australians expect.

A sample of interviews (in no particular order ) is attached.

 Dr Maria Boulton

Dr Trish Baker

Dr John Deery

Dr Jared Dart

And now on to Telehealth….

Dr Kevin Arlett

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