Update from Primary Care Implementation Group (PCIG) for Week Ending 12 March 2021

Primary Health Care COVID-19 Response Teleconference 16 March 2021

 The Primary Care Implementation Group (PCIG) is an online meeting that includes most primary healthcare peak bodies. It is convened weekly by the Department of Health as part of the COVID-19 response.   Dr Maria Boulton attends on behalf of the AGPA.

AGPA questions/issues raised:

  • Indemnity for GPs and staff.
    • There will be no Government backed indemnity for GPs and staff, advice is to go through your usual MDO
  • Raised the issue of RACFs and GPs in rural areas not getting enough notice about the contractors arriving to vaccinate RACF residents and staff, initially there was a shorter period but now they are endeavouring to have a 2 week notice period
  • Asked to make it clearer where non-Medicare holders can go to get the vaccine on the COVID website – Government hubs/ Respiratory Clinics, not GP clinics
  • Eligibility declaration form still being developed, it will be published online once it is

Other issues discussed:

  • AstraZeneca anaphylaxis rates in Australia have been similar to those experienced overseas
  • The Australian Government is standing behind AZ vaccine
  • Supply of the vaccine- Is it on track for those clinics coming onboard in week 1?
    • No details as to what day of the week the vaccines will arrive.
    • Delivery will be by DHL.
  • Practices need to offer the vaccine to all, not just their patients
  • Family members who live with hotel quarantine workers.
    • Some states and territories are including them in 1a.
    • They need to provide proof-that they live at the same address as the hotel quarantine worker and that the worker works in hotel quarantine
  • Pharmacies will hear a response on their EOI on Friday this week

These comments are from Maria’s notes and records of the meeting, which may not by complete.  

Information is being updated quickly so it is important for GPs to use their own information gathering to try to keep up to date with developments.  

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